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drag & drop

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Audio blogging

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Turn your passion into profession


You don’t have to be an expert designer or tech expert to write about your passion and profession.

Our tools come with easy to use drag and drop post & page creator. Add required elements like Title, Text, Images, Galleries, videos and much more by dragging them into the editor.

Write like you speak


With powerful plugins, easy to use editor and industry-leading designing tool create a blog that you always wanted.

It’ll speak like you speak.

Introducing Storyteller. 


Convert your articles to human voices automatically. Your users can listen to specific text by selecting them or you can convert the whole article to audio.

Powered by Google & VINTCER cloud.


Bring your team

Whether you are writing alone or with your team. We have got you covered. 

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Connect  your domain

Professionals have standards. Having your own domain means you do mean business.

Instant Monetization

Start earning from day one. Display third-party ads or join the VINTCER Affiliate program and get up to $50 per successful referral through advertisement on your website.

SEO is hard? We made it easy just for you

SEO is important for greater searchability and visibility. But SEO needs expertise, but no more. VINTCERblog comes with built-in industry-leading SEO plugins.

Making it safer to break the news with Outline

Deploy your own VPN server with Outline

Get your own VPN server at VINTCER cloud with few clicks.

Journalists & whistle-blower need safe access to information to research issues, communicate with sources, and report the news. Outline lets news organizations easily provide their network safer access to the open internet.

Inspiration can come anytime and anywhere

Mobile apps, powered by WordPress

As our platform core is built on top of WordPress. Use WordPress native apps to update or edit the content of your posts anytime, anywhere.